Q: How does attestation help?

Attestation of your original certificates proves valid in Gulf countries for getting Employment Visa, Family Visa, and Dependant visa, Trade Visa from Labour department of UAE.

Q: Are authentication / attestation / legalization / verification / notarization the same?

More likely these terms mean the same. The main intention of all these terms used finally lands up to get Embassy or Consulate attestation. Authentication - confirms the identity of a person. Attestation- is evidence which states that a document is attested. Legalization- is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a document is genuine. Verification - the documents are verified by the university and termed as authentic. Notarization - is the stamping or sealing, dating and signing the document after sufficient evidence and ensures authenticity.

Q: Should I attest the Originals or photocopies? What if laminated?
Attestation is done on the reverse of the Originals. If originals are laminated, we will remove the lamination and get the attestation done. However there is a chance that a frail document might get damaged cannot be ruled out. We recommend that you should get new ones issued in such cases.
Q: What are the supporting documents required for attesting the Educational Certificates issued from schools and colleges?
You need to submit – Original certificates, Passport copies first two and last two pages and Job Offer Letter/ Valid Visa (whichever applicable).
Q: What are the supporting documents required for attesting the Non-Educational Certificates such as Marriage, Birth, Medical,etc. ?
You need to submit – Original certificates, Passport copies first two and last two pages and Job Offer Letter/ Valid Visa (whichever applicable).
Q: What should I do in case of Loss of Original Education Certificates?
You need to go to the University /College and submit a Lost Certificate Application. First you need to go to the territorial police station from where it was lost and lodge one FIR (First Information Report). Get a copy of the FIR after signing by the Duty Officer and IPC no.(Indian Penal code) on it. Use this copy for applying for duplicate certificates. Repeated follow up is required.
Q: What is the duration of attestation of Educational documents?

In case of HRD attested documents, it normally takes 15 to 20 days for attestation from all departments including Ministry of External Affairs and UAE Embassy.

Documents that require HRD or GAD attestation will first go for verification and the duration depends upon the completion of university verification.

Q: What is an Apostille?
An Apostille is the legalization of a document for international use in all nations that belong to the Hague Convention. Not applicable for UAE.
Q: What is Embassy Legalization / Authentication?
An Embassy Legalization/Authentication process is required, when the country where you intend to use your documents is a non-member of the Hague Convention.
Q: What documents do I have to send for attestations?
If it is an Educational Document, you need to send your original degree along with a copy of your Passport and a copy of your Visa (Wherever Applicable). If it is a Marriage Certificate/Affidavit or a Birth Certificate, you need to send the Original Certificate copy of your Passport and a copy of your Visa (Wherever Applicable).
Q: If the certificate is laminated what will you do?
The lamination from the certificate will be removed carefully so as not to cause any damage to the certificate. The attestation stamps will be put on the non- laminated area of the certificate. It is our suggestion to you to avoid laminating your certificates, since different countries demand for different attestations on the certificates and every time removal of lamination may cause some undesirable damages to your valuable certificates
Q: Why attestation is done?
When you present a legal document in a foreign country, it is often very difficult to determine whether the document is genuine and legal and therefore overseas governments sometimes need proof that the Indian documents which you hold is a genuine and not fake, or the signatures of Indian officials on documents, are genuine before they will accept them. The reason for that is job competition with locals/ or to get admission in various courses. Attestation is universal whether you come from Srilanka or America or India. It is the verification of the document. In the attestation / legalization process your documents passes through various level of department to confirm that this document is genuine. The attestation process first starts from state level (Home department of states) and after that Central Govt level, Ministry of External affairs (MEA) and at last Certificate Authentication or attestation has to be completed from India or the Country of Origin from where the Certificates are issued.
Q: What documents I need to get attested to get an employment visa?
Normally only the highest qualification education document is required to be attested. It is not necessary to get the attestation on all your education documents. For some jobs based in post graduation qualification, graduation certificates may also be required to be attested. However this should be first confirmed from the employer, because sometime it depends on the nature and category of the employment.
Q: How you ensure safety of our documents?
We are professionals and a trusted company comprising a team of highly experienced and well-trained staff in the field of document clearing. Our company follows, a certain series of steps during the attestation process, so that none of the documents go missing even by mistake. Special attention is given to each document throughout the process of attestation i.e., from collection to delivery.
Q: What are full forms of the short terms used in this website?
HRD – Human resource Department – This department works under the home ministry of the particular state and maintains the record of all degree certificate issued from Universities of that state.

GAD – General Administrative Department

SDM – Sub Divisional Magistrate


Q: How long is my Medical Report valid?
Medicals are valid from 3 months of issuance. It is best to be within 2½ months in case there are discrepancies with the Consuls timeline. If your medical has been completed more than 3 months ago, you will need to have it redone.
Q: What parts of the Medical Report need to be completed?
The Saudi Medical report must be completed in its entirety. Meaning ALL boxes must have a check for negative, positive, or the specific question asked. Anything left blank will be considered an incomplete medical and returned to the client.
Q: My doctor says that some of the exams/tests are not normally done for patients in the India?
Any lab results that were performed by your doctor in order to complete the report must be included with each Saudi medical form. If you are missing a test, a test is positive, or the result is less than desirable we will ask for a new test
Q: Are there any specific lab/test results that must be included?
It is imperative that complete tests for:
     -Hep A, B, C
Q: What does my doctor need to complete at the bottom of the Medical Report?
At the bottom of the medical report, the doctor MUST:
     -Sign (Original signature required)
     -Affix his/her office stamp, IF there is not an office stamp, a copy of his/her license must be included
     -The report DOES NOT need to go to the State Medical authority
Q: How many copies of the Medical Report do I need to have completed?
You must include 3 copies of medical reports and lab results and they MUST be completed in the fashion listed above.
Q: Can I have my medical completed outside the India?
No, all medical exams must be completed in within India by licensed panel doctor. International medical exams will not be accepted.


Q: How to Make Wakala ?
Domestic skilled workers need to go to the Estekhdam office while workers of all other categouries need to go to the chember of commerce, after paying the online fees at www.enjazit.com.sa. To make the Wakala in our name kindly provide the following details to the compitent authority.

Licence no : 000203/BOM/PER/1000+/3/343/1984
Q: From where is the Wakala Made ?
Wakala can be made from any branches in Saudi Arabia associations. The sponsors can make the wakala from any of the Estekhdam offices in Saudi Arabia and make the wakala in our name.
Q: Can a Wakala Made in Delhi be and submitted in Mumbai be processed ?

Yes we can process the wakala attested to Saudi Embassy New Delhi and submitted in Mumbai through our associate chain of partners. You just need to submit the wakala at our Mumbai office and we start processing immediately